Project Management

Do you have an upcoming IT Project you’re dreading? Are you unsure of how to begin the process?

Unless you are fortunate enough to have an experienced team complete with project manager, business / functional analysts and subject matter experts on standby to facilitate your requirements, IT projects can be a daunting prospect. The project team must have a thorough understanding of the business, the technology being replaced or upgraded, the circumstance driving the change and finally the options available to provide the solution. All in all it is potentially a very intense, lengthy process and one that will almost definitely distract from business as usual.

Clarity IT Advisors will assist you with your IT project, from inception to delivery and beyond. With our in depth knowledge we’ll share your vision for change and inspire you with the possibilities available to you.

We’ll begin by identifying the scope of the project and ensuring that we have a shared vision of what success looks like. We'll work with the people in your business to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your situation and requirements, including a list of your priorities. Next we'll present you with the possible solutions, detailing what each option can provide and what it means to you and your business. Once the solution has been fully agreed we'll set to work on implementation. At this point you may expect that our role would end but we'll continue to monitor progress and provide assistance until you are confident with the new solution.

We have the skills and capabilities to follow project management rigour or provide a 'just do it' solution, the choice is yours and we will flex our style to meet your needs. Our IT knowledge and experience means that your business will be presented with the right solution allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Ensure your project is successful, in budget and delivered on time by calling Clarity IT Advisors. Our Project managers have over 20 years of experience in IT and can steer you and your organisation away from the pitfalls that await you and make sure you achieve your goals.

Call Clarity IT Advisors now on 01202 764644 or use our Contact form and we’ll discuss your requirements with no obligation.

Call us on 01202 764644 or use our Contact form & discuss how Clarity IT Advisors can guide your project to a successful outcome
How We Can Help
  • Analysing requirements and creating project scope
  • Assignment and scheduling of resources
  • Creation of detailed work plans
  • Project documentation
  • Provision of a single point of contact
  • Project tracking and reporting
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