Business Continuity (BC), High Availability (HA) & Disaster Recovery (DR)

Today’s business environment means that your organisation can no longer afford to limit itself to simply keeping their data safe. Given the complex threats facing your business and the need to keep a competitive edge to secure the future of your organisation, it is imperative that you create and maintain a business continuity plan. With our expertise we can help you develop and maintain such a plan.

Imagine that your server has died. Without any warning it just failed.

Your IT staff dutifully insert their spare hard drive and begin to restore the daily backup from your tape, kept off site every evening in case of fire, only to discover that the data is corrupt. Your staff are sat idly at their desks, the number of phone messages from customers begin to mount and your IT staff realise that nobody has ever tried to restore the tapes before. Unfortunately it’s now too late! Time is money and the clock is ticking.

According to a DTI report ‘93% of businesses that suffer a catastrophic data loss, lasting 10 days or more, never recover and are out of business with 18 months’

At Clarity IT Advisors we’re experts in writing and implementing disaster plans. You’ll benefit from the experience gained from over 25 years of industry knowledge without going through the pain. We’ll audit your systems and present a range of solutions to match your requirements and budgets.

Once a plan has been agreed and implemented, it will be thoroughly tested, allowing you to write it into your company’s policies with the confidence that you have a tried and tested solution.

Clarity IT can also run periodical tests of the plan and suggest any changes that are required, scaling the solution to grow with your business, ensuring that you never find yourself unprepared again.

IT failures are a fact, they WILL happen. The only way to effectively deal with them is to plan for them. With experience gained advising everyone from County Councils to UK Blue Chip companies to UK SMEs Clarity can give you the knowledge to empower you in your moment of need.

Solutions such as Virtualisation, Remote Backup, Terminal Services or just a document explaining the steps to take when a failure occurs means that you’ll have the ability to keep your business moving instead of floundering. Hoping it won’t happen to you is not the answer, planning for the time it will is.

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Contact Clarity IT Advisors for help and advice to ensure you stay afloat if disaster strikes.

Call us on 01202 764644 or use our Contact form.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Assess business impact and risk
  • Develop a Disaster Recovery framework
  • Formulate Business Continuity plans
  • Adjust information systems to make Disaster Recovery easier
  • Periodical implementation of plans & the detailing of any adjustments required.
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