VoIP: Voice over IP

  • Has your company phone system reached maximum capacity?
  • Do you need to call in the phone engineer to re-programme an extension?
  • Do you want more features on your phone system but they are too costly?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you might want to consider talking to us about installing a VoIP telephone system. At a fraction of the cost of a traditional system, a VoIP PBX gives you, as a minimum, all the features of a traditional corporate phone network but without the price tag.

What are the cost advantages?

Calls within your own system are of course free. However, your phone system can now include your home workers and other branches - these calls will also be free. Calls over standard landlines to outside numbers will typically be similar to a standard phone company’s rates. Significant cost savings come when you need to add or change a new extension. To add an extension, click the add button on the software and specify the employee's details. Plug-in an additional SIP phone, specify the same authentication details and you’re done. Users can hot desk simply by taking their phone and plugging it into any network point. No need to reconfigure the phone system, install new phone wiring or call an engineer when an employee moves office!

It really is that simple.

What features will a VoIP system give me?

Key advantages to a VoIP telephone system are:

  • Reduced or no call costs to other branches
  • Call parking and hold
  • Integration with software such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and 3rd party products
  • Give everybody voicemail – their messages can even be emailed to them
  • Your staff can make day to day changes to the system instantly without the high costs and delays of calling in an external engineer.
  • Operates over your own network, simply plug a SIP phone into a network socket
  • Software indicates free or busy extensions at a glance.
  • Easily and cheaply add home office workers into your office phone system and talk with them at no cost
  • Call conferencing from each phone
  • Auto attendant (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, etc.)
  • Programme your choice of hold music, from Greensleeves to Green Day
  • Call recording for QA or training purposes

All of these features give you great functionality and they also portray a professional polished image to your clients.

Clarity IT Advisors Ltd is an authorised 3CX partner.

3CX's Phone System is a software-based IP PBX for Windows which replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It is based on the SIP standard and supports standard SIP software & hardware phones. It allows calls to be made via a VOIP service provider or via regular telephone lines. Easy to install and configure, it includes a web-based configuration interface, voice mail, auto attendant, call hunting and other features. Both commercial and a free edition are available. With a VoIP system you won’t be tied to expensive branded telephones that are supplied through your phone system provider.

Call Clarity IT Advisors on 01202 764644 or use our Contact form and we'll put you onto the short route to a less costly and more manageable telephone system.

Break Free!...

...from expensive traditional phone systems with a VoIP system from Clarity IT Advisors

Call Clarity IT Advisors on 01202 764644 or use our Contact form and take the first step in reducing your communications costs.

VoIP PBX Benefits
  • Vastly reduces running costs
  • Gives you features normally only found in larger more expensive systems
  • Scalability means you can add 1 phone at a time or 20, you’re not required to buy any ‘bundles’ to expand your exchange
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