Clarity IT Advisors - a consultancy that’s Flexible & Independent

Clarity IT can provide help and advice covering a wide range of topics for organisations of any size. Some of our customers are small businesses and schools. Others are larger organisations such as the Football Association and Research Machines.

In addition, we can provide you with more than just advice and recommendations. We can also implement and support the most up-to-date technologies and solutions along with customised training for IT staff or end-users. Some organisations even use us for 2nd or 3rd line technical support. Our level of involvement is your decision.

To ensure we’re impartial we'll tell you about any relationship we have with software or hardware vendors as part of our recommended solution before any agreement is reached.

No single company has the all answers and we’re happy to admit that. In specialist areas we readily involve partners like ICT Foundry, Opendium and Sceptre Networking to allow us to offer you a more complete range of computing solutions.

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