January 2010 Cooper Gay, one of the world's largest privately owned Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Groups, use Clarity IT Advisors

Cooper Gay are a global, rapidly growing insurance broker based in the City of London and depend heavily on their IT to deliver their market leading insurance solutions in areas such as Marine, Aerospace, Construction, Engineering and Terrorism. DataCore SANmelody is at the heart of their IT infrastructure and is used to ensure that their policies and data are available quickly and highly reliable.

A large number of VMware ESX hosts use SANmelody to run the many virtual machine based servers that Cooper Gay rely on for their day-to-day operations.

Clarity IT Advisors helped Cooper Gay to upgrade their SAN nodes to the latest 64-bit version of DataCore SANmelody whilst ensuring that no downtime was required. Ian Goodwin, the lead consultant, also provided consultancy that will ensure Cooper Gay get the best possible levels of performance from their hardware and the expected levels of reliability and availability from DataCore SANmelody and their VMware ESX hosts.

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